Sunday, February 15, 2015


I will obviously speak about Mothman next time I post here cause I mean if I am gonna show you Okara Mothman is another great example as well. Okara was a mid 90's Canadian Post-Hardcore/Math rock band that were god damn good. Hell, even one of the members decided to post up some of the bands unreleased b-sides that didn't make it to the 2 7"s they did. The band put a pretty neat 9 song demo tape which surprised how well the quality of the tape was made with cheap headphones and extreme diy low budget for the recording of the demo tape, they also self-released a 3 song 7" which I happen to not own :(. Those must be extremely limited and rare. The band also re-recorded one song off the demo and did a split 7" release with Mothman on Rocket Science Records (this is my first mention on the label) The split is gnarly. They also released a second 7" with four songs and a debut LP which was their last. But I also mentioned b-sides so there are a couple of good songs that band left behind.
Demo tape Okara/Mothman Split 7"

Okara "Rose" 7"

Well all the stuff above me you can download all that on the bandcamp that was made. I am only giving this link because it has b-sides that are not on the 2 7"s, everything they did was super awesome. The band also introduced me to Mothman and even Rocket Science Records but I'll talk more about those two next time. You might wanna download Months like years off here since that is not included on the bandcamp Okara's bandcamp
Months like years 12"
As I mentioned above, this isn't on the bandcamp I guess I can talk a little bit of this release, this was the debut length and last of Okara. The LP has new re-recorded songs off the demo and first 7" (it's only two the rest are new) it still follows the same format off the previous Rose 7" so the band never had a "last minute change" I do happen to find the LP cover a little odd but fits right in with what Okara is. It's a gnarly mess of Canadian jams ey. But if you love the combination of 90's Post-hardcore and Math rock blended this is the right tunes to jam to tonight.

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