Monday, February 23, 2015


Lets talk about more of the modern-ish bands for a brief moment I feel like I discussed and showed many of you of the old stuff, I'd like to start off with this one first. Boyfriends was a project band that had members of 1994!, Algernon Cadwallader and Snowing. The band began in 2009 under "Barf Academy" but switched to Boyfriends sometime late 2009. I remember this band more for the 2009 Demo they did.I was brought to them after discovering Algernon and when Snowing was barely a band. Boyfriends was just some project that lasted a few years. Joe Reinhart recorded practically the bands entire discography for the exception of the instrumental and both demos. Pete from Algernon did these tapes. They were done sometime late 2013 and it was pretty cool to see the entire collection plus 3 unreleased songs that were done sometime when the band was no longer active anymore. The band still resembles 1994! due to vocals being the same and same vocalist but has a mash up of Snowing as well. Well it's the closest description I can even give you since I am 90% sure many of you are familiar with Snowing or even Algernon Cadwallader in that case. In the end the band left about 17-18 songs and it's a pretty nice discography that was compiled by Pete himself. The quality of the tape isn't bad neither and it's pretty enjoyable to hear without the sound of a 64 kbps.
A discography of mediocre punk rock
It's one of the few cassettes I own that I really like, Pete's tapes is still selling these but if you are a cheap ass I guess you can download my digital copy here. These songs really bring up my high school kickback days, just ready for beer pong whenever these songs play. I believe there are still copies of the bands 7" and split with boysandsex as well if your more into the vinyl separate releases.

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  1. Really good for modern stuff.. Very 90s sounding.