Sunday, February 15, 2015

Anton Bordman

I am back again with some stuff to update, I been wanting to talk about Anton Bordman here since the start. Anton Bordman was a two-piece screamo band that began sometime in 2000. Unlike any typical screamo or even two-piece bands this one in particular does not have guitars included. It's all drums, a fast ass bass that sounds like a guitar at times and both members screaming The band often reminds me of those like Get Get Go and La Bella (due to the political songs that were written) All songs are very fast and are no longer than 2 minutes. The god damn bass keeps me from listening to this band on the daily and both vocalists are extremely talented on their own unique form of style. This band is definitely not your average Saetia or Jeromes Dream for that matter. And guess what? The band only released 2 7"s during their lifespan. It fucking sucks, the band stopped sometime in late 2003 or 2004. Giving it about 3-4 years where they could have done a few more releases. But the band does remind me of a more fast paced La bella.
Anton Bordman 7" (2000)
The first 10 songs by the band there isn't anything else I can mention about it but guess what? This is another Moganono release which got me curious about the band so I gave them a listen. Both 7"s were being sold under 2 dollars, that was just more luck for me. Anyways the songs are wild from start to end and all in less than 10 minutes. Honestly it is the perfect work of two-piece screamo bands.
Anton Bordman 7" (2003)
This was the bands second and last release. The songs are just a little more slower and more longer than the first 7" other than that this one is also amazing. This time it's a 8 song 7" although the songs are a little longer the 7" is still short (being like any other 7") This was not a Moganono release but it doesn't mean the first 7" is better than the second, oh no. Both are very alike and the same. Still keeps the prompt bass, drums and screams

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