Monday, January 26, 2015

Empire State Games

This band could have made it big, the band has a blend of emo (braid-ish style) and also some pop punk lingering around. Unfortunately the band lasted pretty short... Short enough for 12 songs, yep 12 fucking songs dude. 3 of them I didn't see in any of the few releases the band made but the band left a discography behind leaving you to wonder how would've the band sounded if they progressed more, who fucking knows. The band left 2 7"s a split 7" and finally a 6 song EP CD, 4 of the 6 songs are off the bands first self titled 7" while the other 2 must have been exclusive ones for the CD. So how is it that I ran into this band? Well during my search for Chune (from the last post) I ran into this band along with a few others (I will bring up here) but boy am I glad i ran into this band or even the rare physical vinyl the band put out.

Self-titled 7"

This was the bands first 4 song 7", many people on formats call the 7" as "The White" I refer it as a self titled 7" For some strange reason discogs has the 7" as a 3 song 7" when it's actually 4. Well the 7" has my favorite song and probably the favorite of many others (the song that you clicked to play since you are curious) that was actually the first song I as well heard. The packaging on this one is pretty neat (as you can see) I do need to buy a paper sleeve I don't want the vinyl with light marks but overall as a used record I bought this thing still looks fresh and new when it has been about 16-18 years ago.
Self-titled EP CD
A few months after Old skool released the 7" Makoto Recordings released the bands same exact self titled but on cd and the band put out 2 new songs that weren't on the 7" this to is white (I guess that's what ESG is all about?) Let me be honest, I had no fucking idea they even had this CD, it's not even on discogs so where did I find it? Amazon... Yeah that is right someone sold me a like new copy (still is new since i have only played it about 3 times) for less than 4 bucks. It isn't even on Makoto's discogs catalog, I guess no one wants to post it up on there since the people who "work" for the site are dickheads. The 2 new songs are pretty much like the first 4 the band did there isn't any new change to the band. The band also happened to have done a split 7" but I still haven't had any luck running into it, besides it's only one song that's on the vinyl.
100 Years of baseball/Dialogue (from a movie) 7"
I assume this was the last effort as a band (Should've been a full length fans were expecting it) well it's not a bad 7" I'd say but yeah it still follows the same path as the self titled ep, the band sounds a little tiny bit matured through these 2 songs but it still isn't a major change. Although these songs aren't as memorable they are still put on the bands discography CD, I also think the discography CD could've been put into a LP (yet again it wasn't) so I never really bothered buying it, yes it may have 3 songs that weren't on any releases and the cover song "Just what I needed" (sounds super fucking good) but I just think that could've been a neat 12" discography. Discography


  1. They were awesome live. I miss them.

  2. I hear this about 17 years ago , here in southern Chile , in a cassette that brought a classmate . she said that one of the band members was his cousin .

    1. Rodrigo, the bassist, is Chilean, and has family in Temuco.