Monday, January 26, 2015


How did I even discovered this band? Well during my early times of barely knowing 90's bands or emo bands or any chill bands a friend of mine of was my ex girlfriends best friend she practically made me a burned CD with all these bands such as The spirit of Versailles, Pg. 99, Majority Rule, Suis La Lune, City of caterpillar, I hate myself and this is where Chune also lands. The Cd had the 10" version of "Water Sandwich" (being one of my favorites) I then went through some blogspot and found the 3 songs to the 10" I had to find the other 2 albums the band did which didn't take long at the time, all mediafire and even when megashare was active all links were running. Later on as I grew up I decided to pick the little this band left. Unlike Drive like Jehu, Chune plays a much more slower paced with a couple of early post-rock elements thrown in (You'll hear this more on the bands second and last length "Big hat, no cattle" while Burnt still follows the Drive like Jehu vibes the band is still different from the band. It's obvious to point out both bands are from San Diego and both bands did do reunions last year (Pretty fucking crazy) Chune will remain in me for those lazy afternoons I'd spend listening to Big hat and Nine ways 10" at my friends old duplex home getting high in the living room while blasting these songs really loud.
Burnt This was the bands first length (7 Songs) there is less of those post rock or even mathy elements on this one, some songs do remind me a lot on DLJ but the vocals are a bit different than from those from DLJ. It's not a bad album but I feel like it isn't as a memorable one for Chune, it's too bad this was never on LP for some odd reason this was a CD format only for Headhunter Records, I felt like that label could have released this in 12" but I guess that never happened.
Nine Ways To Sunday 10" Ah this is my favorite one off the bands short discography, why? besides this being the only vinyl the band put out it has the early versions of Water Sandwich and Three man dream machine. For some odd reason one side of the 10" is played on 33 rmp while the other side is on 45 rmp. I don't have many records that usually do this plus the band doesn't seem like they play fast enough on this 10" to be 45 rmp. It's only just 3 chill ass songs, the other song is a different version off of Brunt there is a slight of difference between the two. On the 10" you can hear the little post rock elements I was talking about although it isn't much unlike on Big hat, no cattle.
Big hat, no cattle Honestly, this album would've been perfect as an LP but instead it's another CD. This was also released in a limited quantity cassette, not sure whether that was self released or a Headhunter release I remember seeing a copy being sold for 8 bucks but used cassettes there are many flaws with those, even more than with a CD with light marks. This 6 song album is as well indeed amazing the first track that opens the album begins with such a great intro that smashes those 90's post hardcore/DLJ/Post rock/Stoner rock elements. One of my favorites on this one will be Fishwrap and Water Sandwich. Lyrically I feel like this band freestyled on the lyrics, some songs absolutely make no sense while others made some sense, one song talks about making it big in the music industry or something. I laughed about it but then I kinda got into the atmosphere and the tone the band was playing throughout the entire album. In the end, I feel like this one is the one Chune should be remembered for. They also did a split 7" with Garden Variety a little before this album was released but it had the same version of Fishwrap, I didn't feel like I was really forced to purchase the 7" even though it be a rare instance of the band putting something out on vinyl.

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  1. I hear a total Texas is the reason vocal worship. Which I guess you could say is also a DLJ worship. Thumbs up