Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Ghost Towns

I am not good with intros but yeah I am that guy who also runs the damn Still Life With Candle blogspot. My main focus on this one is on vinyl/CD/cassettes from my own stash of golden gem. As a first one for the blog, let me begin with Ghost Towns. Ghost Towns was a screamo band that existed enough to put out 2 records and a 4 track demo. They even released one final recording that was never physically done, I have also heard the song was for an upcoming LP the 2 piece band (yes a 2 piece) never got to finish. I discovered this band sometime 2009 when I discovered Lautrec, well both bands did do a limited split 7" on Guesthouse Records that I think Mac from Lautrec ran for a short while. I think Guesthouse never released many vinyl records from my knowledge that split and Lautrec's very own self-titled 7" are the only ones that run in my mind. The label did more of limited cdr thing such as Fiction like non-fiction, Cassette on fire and a couple of more bands those dudes did. Guesthouse ended sometime in 2010 (well no other word from any Guesthouse releases, Lautrec's 7" might have been the last one) Man I really wished I partied with those guys who threw shows at the Guesthouse pad back in the day.

Well this is Ghost Towns single sided 7" I found on discogs for 2 bucks. I really find 7"s in particular interesting, but this one more because of it being single sided. The etching on the other side is what I believe spray painted it honestly looks cool. This 7" had a few limited pressings it's not just this golden one I have. There were 8 test press ones, 100 with a pink swirl, 115 in black vinyl and 110 of the gold ones (like mine) the 7" was released sometime in 2008 Communique Records released this, the sleeve on the 7" sorta reminds me of a mail envelope (it is possible they are recycled mail envelopes turned into sleeves) In 2009 the band released a split 7" with my all time favorite Lautrec, these 2 untitled songs on Ghost Towns side were the final ones and did final shows for and what I believe sold on the last shows they played. The 7" on this one isn't too fancy. As for Lautrec's side of the split features 2 of the 8 songs cd they did in 2008 Caypo and Word Problems. Sadly the last few seconds on Word Problems ends a little sooner than expected. I have to look at the sides of the 7" to figure out which side is Lautrec's and which side is Ghost Towns on the tiny marking and the end of where the record stops spinning it marks Lautrec on one side and Ghost Towns on the other. 200 of these were done, I remember this being a huge thing for me back in the day when I was in high school and had no record player. There are probably a few files with both sides still around but who cares ya got me. I never had a huge huge heart for this band until I saw Kid sister everything selling this 7" for 9 bucks sometime in the fall of 2013 (I mainly picked it up for Lautrec's side) but I felt like there was a force for me to get the single sided 7". You are all probably wondering about the 4 song demo I mentioned earlier (aka Oxen) well there were other blogspots who had these files but are now deleted and I don't have those neither. But I threw in that final recording I mentioned on here.
Single-Sided 7"+Ghost Towns/Lautrec 7" (Ghost town songs only)

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