Thursday, January 22, 2015

Ettil Vrye

I am always curious on dead labels for starters I will start on Moganono, this label I feel like it was special because it released my all time favorite Kolya 7". A while back a friend of mine told me to check the Ettil Vrye/Tipping Canoe Split LP he had bought it and it came with a insert that was mentioning Kolya's second 7" (He knows how much I love that band) so he thought it be nice to give me some more fresh Moganono release tunes to hear. After figuring where to find the LP and listening both sides I was very curious on Ettil Vrye's 7" I couldn't find any MP3 links to the 3 songs but I had a lucky chance to buy a copy of the 7" for 3 bucks from some New York record store I think on discogs. Well the 7" came in today and I had ripped the songs so I can share to you guys.

Being one of Moganono's first release this thing is marked DIY everywhere. The sleeve is totally recycled from a brown bag and cut up for a 7" cover sleeve. Not so much artwork imagination but a lot of imagination for the work and concept of a diy 7". The 7" itself is all black with no indication of where side A or B is unless you look at the end of where the needle ends of each record player. This 7" is exactly like the 7" from Lautrec being all black with nothing on it. This band also happened to release a 5 song demo tape too. That would be a little more difficult for me to find. Ettil Vrye

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