Saturday, January 24, 2015

The Kossabone Red

Most kids are familiar with Cap'N Jazz, well in the mid 90's there was The Kossabone Red. The band started off under "Ripcord" on the bands first 7" the label on the record says Ripchord but the sleeve says the kossabone red, possibly a late name change during this release. The vocals are sightly sloppy but I have to admit I prefer the early ones rather than the LP (That's just me) Grabbing the bands vinyl records was slightly a sign of that I was suppose to get these bad boys. I am still amazed to have even found a copy of that "Ripcord" Ignition/Atrophy 7"

I'm still not sure whether this 7" was even released in '95 or after the Failure and departure 7" (It wouldn't make much sense if it did) I am just assuming that this band started in '95 under ripchord during the summer (Like how the Failure 7" states) This one in particular was such a odd rare emo gem to find. Someone on discogs was selling it for 8 bucks, the sleeve on this baby just lets it all out there letting everyone know this was made 100% DIY, The sleeve is a cut up manila folder with cloth wrapped around and everything else seemed like it was printed off a computer and just glued. It is my favorite looking 7" I own as of now. Still not sure how many of these were made but from the looks of how it was made, I highly doubt passed 200. It also came with a booklet (Last minute made since the cover says "The Kossabone Red" rather than "Ripcord" like it does on the 7" The songs are a little more punk sounding and fast paced than the rest of the songs.

Failure and departure
This is my favorite Kossabone release, that Failure and departure song just gives me the sad vibes, especially with the tone on those amazing vocals. There are 2 versions of this 7" the one I have which is black and a translucent green one. I am not sure which one is more limited but I guess no one will ever know since they are both being sold for around the same damn price range on discogs. I feel like these 2 songs is what The Kossabone Red is all about (again not many will agree with me but that's just me) I just love the sloppy emotional whiny like vocals on this 7", even more than what Cap'N Jazz did. I probably made a few of you cringe and shit but seriously fuck you I just have a little more heart for these forgotten jams, I am sorta sorry man.

The Kossabone Red
This was the final yet another last minute release, Portrait's vocalist did vocals for these (I know that's fucking crazy) the blog spot "Beyond failure" (You all need to check that shit out) provided me a little more info on this record, the dude on the blog mentioned that there was no record release show (or at least doesn't really remember of one) the band must broke up in late '97- early '98. The 12 songs are pretty sick and brings the little cap'n jazz sound around just lingering throughout the LP, to me it's much better. Not as great as Failure and departure but pretty fucking good. The band did do a few other songs that were never released or even recorded for the matter of fact, the songs were live recorded for some radio show in '97 called WREK, the songs have the Failure/Ripchord style of vocals (the set was done before the LP was on the works, this is how I knew that 12" was done last minute when they broke up) The songs are pretty good and the quality is superb, whole lot of messy sloppy vocals on the live set. They did play the 4 songs from both 7"s plus 6 new ones that were suppose to be on some compilations that never happened and what not. It's a real shame, fucking bummer these jams were never on vinyl or recorded. I cut the songs up so you can enjoy and scroll through them. Live at WREK