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From what I remember the most on this is the bands amazing 4 way split with Boy problems, Osceola and The Reptilian. The split practically introduced me to all 4 bands. Lautrec left a little discography behind. What we all remember was the 8 songs CD they self released (I don't think the CD was ever a Guesthouse Released) I mean it could have been right? The band began after the South Bay Fiction like non-fiction band disbanded sometime in early 2008 Mac went on to form Lautrec and the short lived Iwanu Ga Hana that were similar to Fiction and Lautrec, they never got to record a single damn thing, I only remember seeing those couple live sets they posted on youtube. Let's talk about Lautrec now, in 2007 the band released a short 4 song demo which had early versions of Jazzy, Track 01 and Slider. One of the songs that wasn't to my knowledge until I have found this demo was a song called Pick up that was not on the bands 8 song release or even on the discography tape. The band also did put that Ghost towns split 7" I mentioned on my brief post sometime in 2009 the band lastly did released a 3 song self titled 7" I didn't hear until 2011 once those discography tapes were released alongside with 2 unreleased songs that were some last session stuff they did. That 7" was sold at the bands few last shows. I had obtained one all the way from Germany, shipping was a nightmare which I was forced to buy insurance for the damn thing which the total was up to 28 bucks. It was still worth it because this was something i really wanted on my collection. After a while I was also looking into the lautrec discography tape Black with sap made in 2011.

The 7" was recorded sometime early 2010 these songs aren't much remembered for Lautrec than their own signature style of their 8 song demo cd. These songs still have a little bit of the same rhythm and what not going with a bit more of a matured tone. I am not sure whether the 7" is called "Doc Chee" or not, haven't seen that on the sleeve of the 7". This vinyl was probably the last of what Guesthouse ever released. I don't remember many Guesthouse releases being really out there. The songs use a dual guitar so it sounds like it is 2 guitarist. There isn't much of a difference on that but it sure does sound good and it is what kinda give it the mature sound on these 3 songs.
My curiosity for this tape was a mystery I didn't get one when they came out and the label Black with sap were practically out of these tapes but they decided to make me a special 101/100 which is so off but fuck it. When I had this tape on my hands I was very stoked until I heard the first few seconds it was one of the regrets of buying tapes. First, the tape is not dubbed right and its pretty shitty (therefore I do not recommend buying this cassette or any of black with sap. I also got a free I create tape which gave me the conclusion that black with sap is not good at dubbing tapes. I love the lyrics sheet for this cassette and the fun of this diy cassette being put out but the quality of this was executed bad and it makes me feel bad as a person. I honestly love the stuff Black with sap has put out and even Lautrec for that matter but to tell you the truth the tape sounds like it'll soon die on me, so I have played it twice so far. In the end Lautrec is one band that really grew the whole screamo in me a little more on what the modern stuff at the time had offered. I feel like there aren't many Lautrec-esque bands besides Meet me in st. Louis (the bands vocals are a minus points on that band) while Lautrec's have more of a screamy shouty yet they fill in your heard making them very memorable for a band. The guitar texture is as if in those Japanese math rock emo bands similar to Tricot's song "99.974". It will keep your head bobbing.
A Discography Cassette
2007 Demo

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