Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Another sevenfold

This band was one of those "Buy this before you listen" lesser known late 90's emo/screamo type of bands mainly because nothing from them is out there to stream until now that I had run into this band I made it possible for everyone else. This band is from North Carolina that existed between 1997-2000 and during its lifespan the band only released a 3 song 7" and a full length CD. The band is one of those very obscure hit and miss emo bands not many of us spoke about. Right now no one ever mentioned these guys or ever heard of them I include myself to (Until now) the band will have some singing, some yelling and some screaming but above all this band is very emotional as hell. Like very emotional. I have never heard anything so emotional that can top it off. I am happy that I wanted to give them a listen. It's a bummer that this band was completely forgotten by most.

Thousand star serissa 7"


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