Friday, September 9, 2016


I probably won't be back until October so this is a heads up but before I leave for the entire month I wanted to bring this up again. My buddy David from Open mind/Saturated brain (Dude who runs Zegema Beach Records) had some CD's for me and this is one of them. Ghost towns was one of the first posts I did and I had posted everything except this. It has been years for this discovery and it seems like there has not been any blogspot that has brought up this EP. I even found a shirt from this band on BEAR records for 2.50. Anyways this Manila folder CD has the bands first 4 songs recorded after 3 months of being a band. 100 of these were made and yeah that is all there is to it. Honestly I haven't even heard this yet and I wanted to share this will all of you before being absent for a while from this blogspot. This completes everything for this band now.
Oxen EP

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