Friday, September 16, 2016

Sinker/Amber Inn

Sinker was a short lived band from California that released 2 7"s and came out on a compilation. They also have a demo tape but one of the members said they didn't know how to convert (which is weird because all you need is a cable converter) Sinker had 2 7"s these sound exactly like a pre Amber Inn. After Sinker the members split between Amber Inn and Indian summer sometime in 1994. Years later Sinker put out a posthumous 7" which are newer versions of 2 songs from their demo. This final 7" is titled "Finality". I love these 2 7"s and as a matter of fact both bands are excellent examples of post hardcore emo. The same label (Sunney Sindicut Records) that helped Sinker put out both 7"s also released Amber Inn's first 3 song Self titled 7" in 1995. Ebullition records gave a helping hand and put out the bands second 7" later that same year. Between 1995 and 1996 the band released 3 compilation songs and by 1997 the band finally released their debut called "All roads lead home" who Ebullition records also put out. The band shortly after ended. After some years Ebullition put out a digipak CD discography called All roads still lead home which includes all 19 songs plus a unreleased song. I have made myself a CDr that contains both bands in one CD since I do not have the discography comp and doesn't feature sinker. I still think Sinker is the pre to Amber inn while Indian summer is just its own new thing that sounds nothing like these 2 due to the instrument and vocal structure.

Amber Inn

Thoughts On Beauty/Perseverance 7"

Finality 7"

Amber Inn 7"

Serenity at hand 7"

All roads lead home 12"

Sinker's discography

Amber Inn's discography

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