Sunday, November 8, 2015

When seasons change

Man the season has changed, sun is up but the air is so cold in my house. I was asked to do a little review on Sleeper Wave and I gave them a listen but then again I can't review what I don't own and honestly I really fell in love with the band's new self titled. It's what I would call if Capsule and CSTVT made a baby, this baby would turn out to be Sleeper wave. I been thinking of buying the cassette of the self titled and the demo (And if I do I will give out a link to the rip version tape because fuck digital quality sassy bullshit) anyways I promised new old school emo records and here is one of them (As I type I am still listening to sleeper wave)

Passenger train proposal was a very short lived emo band from the late 90's that pulled off a demo tape, the 7" I own and a unreleased second 7" with two songs that were never released but recorded. The band also did a cover song that was unreleased. I think the band is doing some reunions as so their bandcamp page (So many old bands being revived are doing this now) the bandcamp page has the discography off the self released tape they did which has all the songs in one release. You can't tell if its a discography or a full length because they all have the same quality. Well I ran into a mint condition of the bands only 7" for 2.50. Once I got it I really was digging the cover art on both sides of the 7" what I found interesting was that inside the paper sleeve there was a pen ink writing that said "!Jerk a tear emo kids!"

As for the music itself they were pretty decent maybe a little few years ahead of its time. It is a shame the band didn't do much but I do hope for some new recordings along the way. I don't need to give any AEN link on this one just download the discography off the bandcamp page


  1. I play guitar in sleeper wave, i'll send you a tape as soon we get them

  2. I play guitar in sleeper wave, i'll send you a tape as soon we get them