Sunday, November 8, 2015

Big Daddy Shotgun

This was one of those Russian finds from Desperate and lonely, I really digged the only 7" the band did so I decided to get myself a copy for it to post on here. This is actually the most recent 7" record I own (On top of the others I am waiting) I don't know how much I have spent on getting all this shit but I believe it was quite a lot and mostly on the change I have. Big daddy shotgun was one of those bands that were inspired by Drive like Jehu alongside with Calabash case, they have that style going on. As much as I know on this band I only know of 4 songs, 2 from the 7" and 2 others on different compilations (Which I have one of those as well) this cover also reminded of as Passenger train proposal with the band doing some show or rehearsal (Something like that) I don't know much on the label either and I honestly never heard of it although the 7" came with a IFB records insert getting me confused whether or not IFB had to do a little something with this release. I have no fucking clue or maybe it was just thrown in there. Apparently they did a split with Boys set fire but I didn't see that on discogs or even mentioned on DAL's blogspot. Well the song posted on here is off that split (Which is the one I don't have) as for the other 3 I do and are on the file I am providing. I am going to download some good shit off of This endless breath's blogspot. I would also want you to check that blogspot out. That's it for now, I have some dope shit for November's post's and next month I will post some of the new records recent bands pulled.

The corner of 4th and Campbell 7"

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