Monday, November 16, 2015

Watership Down

Today is a very windy ass day and it's 9:20 AM just as I'm typing this. I usually post in the mornings because the mornings are mainly the little free time I have. This band was a short lived emo band that was real and did it before any of those so called media trendy emo mcr, the used, Hawthorne heights, etc did it. This band put out a extremely amazing 3 song self titled 7" in the late 90's followed along a split cd which sounds more raw and very different from WD's 7" this is a band I found on that Russian blogspot. I added all 6 songs into the file but honestly the 7" is where the meat is all at for this band. I'll keep this one short because my eyes are so dry and I have another post for the day which follows up to another short lived band I also found at Desperate ad lonely's blogspot.

Watership down- Self titled 7" (Split tracks included)

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