Sunday, November 29, 2015

Shout out to all these blogspots

Well lately I have been getting into that vaporwave/Future funk zone and I have been praying to Duane "The original pussy destroyer" this doesn't mean this is done. I actually have a ton more of emo records to show on here. But I want to give some shoutouts to the best blogspots I have ever ran into (No not sophies floorboard, I can't take a blogger serious when they mention to support bands when they obviously aren't supporting them either) but yes I really recommend you guys to check all these out. You will find more bands similar to these and even some I have posted on here. Some of these blogspots I have mentioned before here and there but this post is focused to them. Likely tomorrow or Wednesday I will post a band on here you guys, just have a little more patience.

This Endless Breath
For Ivadell
Desperate and Lonely
Emo Screamo Not Die...!
Open Mind / Saturated Brain
Cut & Paste
IFB Records

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  1. All sick, also sophies floorboard, so glad there are people who give a fuck about music and preserving and sharing the culture. Thank you.