Saturday, December 5, 2015

Crash and Britany

My semester is finally close to a end and I believe I am doing pretty solid, I should be able to graduate this coming summer with an AA degree. My counselor wants me to transfer to a university but I honestly am not into doing more school stuff. Well enough of bullshit. Crash and Britany was a emo/indie rock bands from Sacramento, CA between '94-'97 I think or something like that. The band released a sick debut 8 song 12" titled "Kids Luv You" sometime in '95 (Recorded in November 1994) and a two song 7" in '96. As a emo dude I had to get these records, these are my recent ones I have bought but I felt like its a right time to discuss about them here. Angel angle from the 7" has different lyrics than the Angel angle from Kids luv you. It was one of the first things I noticed while singing along while reading the lyrics sheets. Not sure what made the band change lyrics. The band came out in a 2x12" compilation In memory of Jason, the song was also off the bands Self titled cassette. It's possible when the tape was released it might've been between the 7" and the 12". I heard the bands name was a inside thing because the vocalist had two nieces who had nicknames as "Crash" and "Britany". I also heard the drummer now owns some successful restaurants around Sacramento. The band draws between some slow sad emo stuff and some noisy sounds (On the 7") but still equaling to some mellow emo. I really like the bands entire discography (A short one) as far as the self titled cassette the quality is excellent. It has the two songs off the 7", a instrumental one and two other songs, one which a music video was made for and the other that was off the compilation.

Kids Luv You 12"

It Is Chemistry/Angel Angle 7"

Self-Titled Cassette

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