Monday, December 14, 2015

Strictly Ballroom

I can hear the wind blowing on my porch right now, sun is out but its fucking cold or at least for me it is. I'm only used to the Cali weather. Strictly Ballroom was a mid 90's emo band that slowly evolved as a band. The band first started off sounding more of a screamo fit during the bands first two 7"s (Especially the first one) I don't own everything from these guys but I can tell you that someone sent me a link to the bands digital discography. Yep these guys put out a digital discography not to long ago, it was disappointing to see that it was only digital and not physical format. A CD of it would've been super down. The discography has the bands LP, the 3 7"s, a few b sides and unreleased songs, and some compilation songs. Throughout the discography you'll notice the band won't go all slow "enocore" on all songs. I'd love to see these guys do a reunion or at least during the time of the digital discography being released. The band did put out a posthumous 7" single on Sub pop, I believe the band would have slightly changed much differently if they were still active. One of the members turned out to DJ or something and some band called Postal Service. Still find Strictly Ballroom as relaxing emo tunes.

Fire 7"

I love 7"

Collected recordings 1994-1999

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