Saturday, December 19, 2015


This endless breath showed me this band, after downloading the discography I liked the bands 7" the most I bought it for 3 dollars. For the most part the sleeves on this record is DIY ass fuck, very handmade looking using a paper bag as the main sleeve, inside the sleeve there's a small insert with the lyrics sheet and a thanks. There's also a second sleeve which is the cover of the 7" that is white. I was totally digging the sleeve. The band 7" that sound The Vehicle Birth but much more chaotic and screamo hardcore intense. The band released two splits and I think two compilation songs you can download the other stuff on This endless breath The band later changed there name to "Remingtin (West Fucking Triad)" the 7" is only titled as "Remingtin"

Remingtin 7"

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