Wednesday, December 23, 2015

The Trigger Quintet

I was planning on posting new releases from this year for December but as you can see from the past posts not all bands are recent. I mainly changed my mind because I kinda don't want to break some sort of code or whatever by giving out free links to those records, I honestly prefer you picking them up yourselves. Sooner or later they'll be added on here or once I see the band themselves have it for free on bandcamp then I'll provide my own link. Well this band was another gem from the 90's that released a 3 song self titled 7" and came out on 2 different compilations sometime between 1995 and '96. One of the compilations is called Ground rule double which had some bigger emo bands like Braid, Mineral and The Promise Ring. It also had some cooler bands like C-Clamp, Cinco de gatos and Dianogah. The second compilation entitled "Use this coupon" had another excellent list of bands (Although just 6 bands on this one) Constatine Sankathi, Car vs. Driver and Bubble Jug. That being said yep that was all this band made, it's a fucking bummer honestly I would have thought of a lengthy discography when I ran into them. This is another recent mail day record from a few days ago. The cover of this 7" reminds me a lot like from Big daddy shotgun's or Passenger train proposal which shows the band playing. Not really something a bunch of the new bands do today. This is definitely some good underrated emo you will enjoy for the holidays.

The Trigger Quintet 7" (Compilation songs are also on here)

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