Saturday, December 26, 2015

Algernon Cadwallader

Today morning Snowing and Square of opposition records announced the pre order of Snowing's compilation 12" that has the bands 4 way split, all five songs off FYEB, the compilation song they did, tour demo tape and the final 7" the pre order comes with a free shirt. I totally ordered one, I looked back and it seems like about half of everything is now gone. I would really want you to check SOO's storenvy to order that LP before they're gone forever. Since I posted Snowing in the past I think having Algernon here would be a total obvious for many of you. Algernon Cadwallader isn't some band with much familiar sounding of others. I hate the comparisons of Cap'n Jazz and Algernon Cadwallader for the main reason that Cap does not play math rock and both bands are vocally different as well. These two comparisons are super dumb. This band began sometime in 2006 with a demo cdr that was pressed to cassette and 7" twice I think. The demo left people wanting more, later on the band put out two LP's, one 7" and a split 7". There was also a 7" on the works but it was never released. Two of those songs were re-recorded for the bands debut LP "Some kind of Cadwallader" I find this bands entire discography fascinating. I can't say this band is full on emo but has a few emo bits here and there but mainly classified as a math rock/indie band. Algernon Cadwallader was those bands that were around the time I was still in high school. I remember making a bunch of mix cd's for my friends I usually would add a few Algernon songs on the cd's in the end I am sure Algernon is a forgotten band to them but i remember how much they'd tell me they loved the demo and the LP. So these are the ripped vinyl versions of the songs, not the digital format ones. The only thing I am mainly missing is the bands 4 way split song and the final live tape "What it is" but this is just about everything the band released. I also included the unreleased 7" songs (I can't remember how I even found them but I suppose it was years ago since I still have these around on my music file from my laptop) Some kind of Cadwallader and Parrot flies have been repressed recently so you can score those on either Hot gree records, Skeletal lightning and Lauren records. Some other labels may have these in their distro section. As for the Demo 7" and Fun 7" I had to cope those from discogs. Fun comes with a CD with 3 bonus songs but since mines is a used copy there was no CD. Pete (Vocalist/Bassist) went on to form a indie rock band called Dogs on acid (Along with a member of Snowing)

Demo 7"

Serial killer status/Katie's conscious 7" This was never released
Some kind of Cadwallader 12"

Fun 7"

Parrot flies 12"


  1. I've got a ripped copy of the "What It Is" live set to share if you're interested

    1. Late reply, sorry :c but I do have this live tape mp3's i just never decided to upload them on here