Thursday, March 2, 2017

End paths

I put this on hold for a while but now it's time to have this out. Skeletal lightning had this for pre order sometime in late August. You bet your ass I pre ordered this. First 100 pre orders came with a flexi that has a b side to a song that was not part of End paths and not part of the digital version either. I also ended up pre ordering the CD and cassette formats for this release. The sound off the flexi is pretty darn clear, I am actually amazed it was clear when I ripped it. I had posted this up on youtube but the band wanted me to remove it so I did but I think it has been some time and I believe the people who didn't get a chance to listen to it should now. I really love this LP the band fully matured out from those quick taps to something a little new. While it is a pretty short release (8 songs not including the b side) it feels a little limited. I still have not jammed to the cassette but I have played the LP and CD multiple times. The cd is a gatefold which I don't like because you can't replace the case if it ever breaks. The pressing on the LP is quite a few since other labels joined to release this. I happen to own the black press out of 150. You can purchase the bundle or whatever at skeletal lightning. It was long due for this band to drop a second LP that I almost thought this band ended too. While this isn't my favorite record or favorite release of 2016 it totally has its charm which makes it to my top list. The songs became more longer and it even has a slightly darker post hardcore vibe on most songs (Except End paths song) I do appreciate the new thing this band is doing now. It isn't those bands that changed the direction of sound and it sucks but it is rather interesting of a turning point actually. I do recommend picking this one up.

End paths+ Flexi

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