Saturday, April 29, 2017

The Nolan Gate

After a few years Paul from Mothman went on to form this band. It's less mathy and more metal like but god damn is this band catchy ass hell. I certainly find myself listening to the bands first 2 full lengths the most. Something about this band just has a great catch. The vocals are smooth, not generic and screaming. They just fit so well. This band still does a few things here and there last year the band released a free 5 song EP on their bandcamp. It has that Mothman metal thing but just more heavier. I guess some songs have some math rock structure but its just a good 3 or 2. Rocket science gave me a free cd of this band in which he told me Paul is doing a slightly similar thing still under The Nolan Gate. I really admire this bands work a lot. I just hope this band still puts out more releases. They have existed since 2001 and have only put 2 full lengths and 2 EP's. Just hope there is more shit along the way.

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