Monday, April 24, 2017


Mothman were a 3 piece hardcore/math rock band from Jersey within the early/mid 90's so before The dillinger escape plan Mothman did it first. The band put out 2 demo tapes, 2 7"s and 2 split 7"s. 2 of these records were released under Rocket science records which were the split with Okara and their final 7" called Poison arm. They didn't leave a whole large discography but these guys did form The Nolan Gate in the early 00's (I will talk about next) Mothman played with other great bands like The Dahlia Seed, The Hal Al Shedad and The Stella Brass. I really like the work from all of their releases mostly. The self titled 7" is the most memorable though for me if I were to choose. My copy came with a letter from Paul written back in the day when this 7" was released. The split with Okara is a classic to math rock fans from the mid 90's so I admire that record hella a lot too and one of my favorite releases from Rocket science records. The label is giving these out for free as long as you pay the shipping so I would snag one before they are gone forever. I believe the shipping is just 3 dollars. You can check it out here. I also want to add that the untitled song from the Dahlia seed split is the same one off Poison arm so there is no need to add that here.

Demo tapes

Mothman 7"

Mothman/Okara split 7"

Poison arm 7"

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