Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Sleeper Wave

After spending some time on gathering more tapes, records and even cd's to begin with I had already mentioned this band last year. Sleeper wave is a pretty darn great band that reminds me a bit of a jazzy Monarcs or early Capsule, Polina and Age Sixteen in some way and I find that fucking awesome. The band had put out a self titled tape under a new label called "Akashita corp. empathy division" while the tape isn't the best quality (It almost reminds me of Black with sap's dubbing) The packaging of the tape looks really neat. In a way it looks simple but almost absolutely memorable on my tape stacks. I had converted the demo tape simply because side b of the tape contains early pre songs of the band (The quality of the demo is way superb) so I recommend you to download the rar file of the demo since the side b songs are not on bandcamp. I can already imagine the next releases for this band only time can tell when they will put something out again. Feel free to check their bandcamp and look for them on facebook.
Demo tape


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