Friday, January 1, 2016

Best albums of 2015

No real order but here are some of the coolest stuff I heard for 2015. I ran into a bunch of new bands and old ones. I suppose I'll include splits on here. Like I mentioned these are not in any particular order. I'll provide bandcamp links for you guys to check out. Some of these I have included on here. Others I haven't yet. I happen to own some of these. Others I sadly don't for now. Many of these releases are digital only as well. Feel free to support these bands and labels.

Role- Heretics EP

Big sigh and bad dream vacuum- It gets easier

Good times- Brooding EP

Winter break- Winter break

You'll live- Moving past this

Dogs on acid- Dogs on acid

Sleeper wave- Sleeper wave

The truth about about dreaming- To kill a heart EP

Letters to Catalonia- Demo

Crush- Crush EP

The Cambodian heat- Bludgeoning subculture aficionados

Malegoat- Here and there

Meet me in Montauk- Meet me in Montauk

Never young- Never young

Jr. Adelberb- Jr. Adelberb EP

Fist benders- Fist benders EP

Yearbooks- Inside

Shapes like dinosaurs- Triassic trigonometry

Wet petals- II

Tricot- A N D

Coma regalia- Ours is the cause most noble

Suis la lune- Distance/Closure

Sophie- Sophie EP

Sorry about this- Sorry about this EP

Foxtails- This is not for you

Kimono beach party- Drinking at family reunions EP

Shirokuma- Light dies/Colours fade

Celebration/Under a sky so blue Split

Alarms & controls/Secret smoker Split

Nayru- The disease of language EP

Moths/Haunter Split

Greyscale- Limn Everything

Two knights/The reptilian/Victor shores/Boy parts

Destined- Many a moon

Soul structure- The body of man

Belle Indifference- Ryan ghosting

Wet Baes- Youth attraction EP

Congratulations- Demo


  1. Hey, thanks for putting Destined on the list :) Makes us happy!

    Whole Soul Structure album is up to stream/download for pay what you want :~)