Monday, January 11, 2016

R.I.P Bob Tilton 1993-1999

For things that matter I'm back for a mid morning post before I head out, I have been on this band for quite a while now (I suppose sometime during the winter break?) Someone had ripped the vinyl of Leading hotels of the world but whoever converted the songs did a shit job since the record was scratched ass hell. Bob Tilton was a emo/screamo band from the early 90's from Mansfield, UK (I think but for sure the UK) the band put out some extremely good records that were just ahead of its time. The bands last record holds the signature of what is now called "Twinkly" or "Math rock" Honestly the band did a fine better job than American football since both American Football's self titled and Bob Tilton's Leading hotels of the world were released in the same year. There is more of a mysterious chills sound to Leading hotels that every time I play that record the hairs from the back of my neck rise. It's a absolute astonishing record. I had bought the CD so that the quality sounds much clear and better for you guys, although the 12" I have also sounds much better than the rip that's around in the internet. The band released 2 7"s on a pretty great UK label called "Subjugation" which also released other great bands such as Imbiss, Baby harp seal, Spy vs Spy, Friends Unseen, Tribute and Schema (Some great uk emo bands from that period of time) The bands debut "Crescent" was also released on Subjugation. The LP on the 12" is a plain white generic cover with a small photocopied picture glued in the center of the hole, luckily it does come with a nice lyrics insert. Same can be said about the bands 2 7"s, now those inserts are fucking beautiful and has some beautiful poetic stuff written. The band might have went on hiatus afterwards since there is a large gap between the release of Crescent (Released in '95) and Leading hotels of the world (Released in '99) Both sound somewhat differently while Crescent still has the same flow of the bands second 7" Leading hotels has a new sound being the last of this band. It would have been nice to see where this band would lead to if they had released another record after Leading hotels. Nonetheless this band is definitely one of my favorite ones from the UK.

... Wake me when it's spring time again 7"

Songs about penknife and pocket watch 7"

Crescent 12"

The leading hotels of the world 12"


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    1. I keep forgetting to leave my email out on here. Thanks a bunch!