Monday, January 4, 2016

Ethel Meserve

2016, more bands to post, more new bands to see. Since this year has started all I have been wanting to do is just stay home more often than usual. I haven't had much personal plans since new years eve. A old friend from high school who now lives in Vegas came by the other day, which I haven't seen in 2 years. I started showing him some of my records and a few tapes. He was getting into them but he pointed out Ethel Meserve's second 7" titled Tamsen/Onward Foster finding it his favorite. He wanted me to give him the mp3's so I made him burned cdr of this bands entire discography. Many people feel that Ethel Meserve is a good example of the mid 90's miwest emo/post hardcore scene. Only to have existed between 1995-1997 the band had released a self titled tape, 2 7"s, one split 7" and a 6 song LP. The band later on released a compilation CD of the singles and self titled tape all remastered. I do find the compilation a bit enjoyable than the bands only LP, although the LP seems to have a more mature sound from the previous work the band did. I find the bands second 7" (Tamsen/Onward Foster) a bit enjoyable the most. Not because its a Caulfield records release. But because its more of the faster paced releases from them all next to the self titled tape (or at least with me)

Pierman/Paladin Taim 7"

Tamsen/Onward Foster 7"

Spelling the names
The Milton Abandonment

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