Saturday, January 16, 2016

Folly 12"

Since my last post on this band I didn't have the Folly 12" but after having it on my wantlist on discogs for some months it finally turned up. Someone was selling this 12" for 10.99 but was also marked as "Make a offer" I saw that the other 12" was sold for 7 so I made an offer for 7 and now it arrived like today. Just a few hours ago I converted it while listening to it for the first time and this one is really great. It is a bit similar to The great axis (Also released that same year as that CD) I tried cutting the songs at the right time because side B the entire thing on that sided sounded like a whole song until I saw the thick lines on the record. But even then it was a bit impossible but after hearing it I kinda heard where these songs would cut. I couldn't tell where the song "No. 1" would start or even where the song "Folly" did the first time hearing it. For a 6 song LP this one runs about 34 minutes. Versailles would have been a nice band to see around if they had lasted longer.

Folly 12"

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