Friday, February 12, 2016

The great Detroit riverboat race

It's been a hot February so far. I was kind of hoping for that spring rain, only in a matter of weeks will it feel dry in California again. As far as more obscure records I own here is another one to make it on here. The band is led by female vocals which can be a bit of a crossover similarity to other acts at the time, noticeably Samuel (Both share the same sort of sound) This band only produced one 3 track 7". There must have been two pressings out there, the more rarity being the 100 press version of the 7" being marble green and hand numbered while mine falls as the 7" being black and unknown to how many copies. There hasn't been much info leaked but I suppose this band also faced the destiny of disappearing after the 7" was released. I'm not even sure if the members went on to other bands. I admire the plain look of the bands record because it is basically a photo of a boat on sea. There is a insert with lyrics which aren't so bad. The vocals do feel a bit off at some points or should I say here and there but its all just a natural process of the band just simply being DIY or whatever. Sadly, the record is a hit and miss with many people. Including me, even after finding a bunch of bands over the years I never heard of this one during my 24/7 hour searches (When I had run those past 2 shitty blogspots in the past) Now that it's mentioned here it should no longer be a hit and miss with any of you now.

The great Detroit riverboat race 7"

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