Monday, May 11, 2015

Cars Get Crushed

I was introduced to them sometime in 2009 as well (The stranger was the first one I heard) well it didn't take long for me to forget about this band but I ran into them again and well... I pretty much collected the bands almost complete discography. Cars formed in the mid 90's. They had a experimental form with each release. They would often mix indie rock/emo/post hardcore/alternative in the songs, the only release I didn't get was the bands full length that was on cd, I didn't get it because the band changed dramatically in that length, it is often much more calmer next to the bands second 7" aka Warped speed/Hey sister vampire but it was only in cd format. I wouldn't want to go spending 12-15 bucks on a cd format. To tell you the truth I like to give the blogspot Desperate and lonely credit again for this one. I am honest and I love that blogspot in particular who also mentioned this band. I am not sure what ever happened to the members they are probably still around California (Band based location)
s/t 7" (Dejavu)

Drag Explosives 12"

Blue and West 12"

Warped Speed/Hey Sister Vampire 7"

Evolution to thrust
This might have been sometime between the 2 LP's

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