Sunday, February 26, 2017

Fei Lung- Wonderful, wonderful times review

So here is another Parking lot records tape I received, this time its from a pretty new-ish band called "Fei Lung" this band is from Florida and to describe them is like listening to Flowers in gun barrels but also Flowers taped to pens at the same time. Fei lung is pretty interesting to me because of this. While the quality of the songs recorded aren't as studio like as of King slender cassette the quality of the tape does make the attempt to make up for it so in the end you still get a pretty clear sound very similar to the mp3 format. The slight difference are the first few seconds of starting the cassette you will hear a little bit of that hiss but it disappears once the band begins playing. Jordan who is a member of this band sent me this one along with their "Spooky tour cd" I was pretty excited about that tour cd. I won't give much of a review on the CD since I am more focused on the cassette. When I got these 2 releases the cd was used in that DIY material I enjoy looking at. Jordan told me the sleeves were used from Trader Joe's bags. While I liked this whole idea of how well put the sleeves were made I did run into one problem. The CD cannot be played in a player. At first I thought the CD had no songs but once I put the CD on my laptop and I saw that the CD does contain songs but I saw the format it was used. The CD is basically a DVD like format that is used in a sort of USB way so the player cannot read the songs because they were not directly ripped but the songs were copied and pasted in mp3 format on the CD. This CD does contain a early demo from the band. It rounds up to 16 minutes on this entire CD. I ended up making my own CD for this one. Again I can't give this any shit or a review for it because I want to focus more on Wonderful, wonderful times.
Spooky tour CD

Wonderful, wonderful times walks just the same as the bands I mentioned. It has a semi low fi quality but because the cassettes quality is pretty decent it really makes up for it. While it is not as good as King slender's demo it is still fair to say it is not in terrible quality either. While King slender had a match color of the artwork and the color of the tape, in here we get a slightly variation. I do admire the label on the cassette there is a slight more involvement than King slender's demo. Unfortunately the lyrics for this were handwritten but it is presentable and readable so to me that counts in still. Wonderful, wonderful times is a excellent debut release for this band. It shows the true musicianship and the sloppiness of what I enjoy about emo music the most. It brings back times when I used to play in a emo band and overall listening to this cassette is really fun. It is again one of those releases we will keep talking about in the future because it gives out perfect examples of other styles that are being completely forgotten now. A lot of bands lack on that style but Fei lung offers it but am I glad to see Fei lung doing this again. Overall this is a pretty solid release by Parking lot records. I am very excited for the future releases of this band. I would really give this a 5/5 because its really a reminisce release for me that quickly built up. Hell there is even a final 5th track which is a poem which really concludes to what this band is really all about. I think I may end up sticking with that 5 it deserves. It is a short release but I do enjoy these kinds of cassettes that stick to the point. If you aren't aware of this new band you should really check it out. I haven't looked at many modern bands at all but if this one grabbed my attention you know that means a whole lot. This is totally a must own. If you are not into short releases then maybe these 4 songs won't really do you much but if you are big fans of that sloopy 2 flowers or even haikus this is one you will want to grab and listen, it is truly a good experience.

Wonderful, wonderful times

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