Monday, October 26, 2015

AMWWTDAWASDT is now in emo heaven

Recently All my wishes called it quits right after tour, I didn't even got a chance to see them they had lastly put a split tape with a song, I was able to get a tape and one of the shirts for the last time (I ended up with 4 of the band shirts) I felt like I had collected almost everything this band had put out except the other split tape since those songs were added on that one CD I got. The final song on the split wasn't just the final thing but they also had recorded two songs that were never released right before the band broke up. These songs still follow the same way as the previous work. Hell I fucking enjoyed the shit out of the songs. It's too bad this band is no longer active but maybe the band got bad luck for posting them on here? haha. I'll throw in the bandcamp page instead for the final 3 songs they put out. Maybe Conner's new label Structure/Agony (Member of Flowers taped to pens) would do a discography tape one day? I don't know its just something I would super look forward to.

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